A reliable and proactive web professional

Offering a creative and technical partnership for non-profits and small businesses. Happy to work with others and easy to get along. 20 years experience working as a digital developer.

Paul Kent

Proud to be a Drupal Association Member

When you need somebody who is easy to work with, who can add extra value to your website projects or day-to-day content publishing tasks then I might be the person you are looking for.

I specialise in helping organisations set-up and run their websites, primarily with Drupal but also other platforms including WordPress. Presently I live and work from my own studio in East Sussex, UK.

What are my key areas of practical expertise?

  • Full Drupal website build (versions 7 or 8)
  • Page editing customisations, backend UX (Drupal)
  • UI design, graphics and wireframing
  • Frontend theming and templates (HTML/PHP, CSS/JS)

In recent years I have increasingly acted as a vital technical resource for people in organisations, helping them understand complex processes using clear language. As well as guiding them through website upgrades and building custom applications for specific campaigns.

I've worked alongside other digital professionals including UX designers, CRM developers, digital agencies and hosting companies. So if you are an organisation then I can work alongside your existing team or if your resources are limited then I can manage your website.

You are hiring a collaborator and a whole lot more:

  • Improve the design and usability of your existing website
  • Manage system upgrades and design improvements
  • Provide technical support using clear language
  • Being open and transparent about code and access

A very brief biography:

After training as a Graphic Designer at a local technical college in East London, UK during the late 1980s I worked in the printing industry. I began teaching myself how to code HTML pages at the start of the millennium and worked in the advertising industry as a designer (and also Flash Developer) throughout the 2000s. I have been self employed and working directly with clients since 2008.

To summarise - I can be an asset to your digital team and be fun to work with.

What people say

"Paul is the best I've worked with, I try and integrate him into every new team I join! We've had a great partnership over the years, at Time to Change and Breast Cancer Now."
Rebecca Peters, Product Manager, Compucorp Ltd.
“Paul delivers great results to tight deadlines. He is creative, immensely personable and his work has spread like wildfire as more people are impressed by his work.”
Chris Cox, Digital Manager, Pancreatic Cancer UK.
“I had the pleasure of working with Paul for a number of years. He is experienced, creative with a gentle disposition. I could rely on him to develop innovative solutions.”
Trevor Pettit, Creative Director, Rude Health.