Reliable, Proactive Digital Expert

I specialise in helping organisations develop and run their websites, with extensive knowledge of popular CMS frameworks including WordPress and Drupal. Originally from London in the UK, I currently live and work in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

I am always happy to manage websites for small organisations and be your goto digital expert at a reasonable rate.

I offer added value as a technical resource for people in business and organisations, helping them understand complex processes using clear language. I can work alongside your existing suppliers including other digital specialists, agencies or hosting providers.

Benefits of Hiring Me

  • Will improve the design and usability of your existing website
  • Can manage periodic system upgrades and design improvements
  • Technical support with a non-techie, clear language approach
  • Never late and will flag up any potential issues ahead of time

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Full stack web developer with design background
  • Experience across both private and non-profit sectors
  • Project management and working in web teams
  • Bespoke WordPress or Drupal development

Career Summary

After training as a Graphic Designer at a local technical college in East London, UK during the late 1980s I worked in the printing industry.

I began teaching myself how to code HTML pages at the start of the millennium and then worked in the advertising industry as a designer, developer and studio manager throughout the 2000s.


Since 2010 I have run a digital design business, helping people improve their products.

For 10 years I managed the website for one of England’s most notable mental health campaigns Time To Change. The project was a massive undertaking and was both challenging and a joy to be part of.

In 2017 I became a supplier for Breast Cancer Now. I’ve since helped them maintain their digital products and also worked on a major charity merger between two websites.

Other clients I’ve worked with include Mind, Tommy’s and EFFAT.

2008-2010: USP Content

I worked with a broadcast media firm in Central London. Having developed skills in animation and media production, at USP Content I worked on projects including animated videos for television.

I was also showing a renewed interest in music making. During the 1980s and 1990s I had been a guitarist with a band, regularly performing at venues around the Southeast. I was now able to combine my visual media skills with audio. I have since self-produced and published my own music.

If you’re interested my music is at

2001-2007: Asset Graphics

Employed as a senior designer I worked on creative campaigns, websites and multimedia applications for predominantly advertising clients in London.

I progressed within the company, working as a studio manager and lead designer in many high profile advertising agencies including Euro RSCG. I gained valuable commercial experience. I also developed skills in digital programming and video animation and editing.

I spent significant periods of time working in-house as a studio manager and designer with Asset’s clients including Red Cell (Soho), Farm (Camden) and Euro RSCG Skybridge (Wimbledon).