Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir

Transformed The Client’s Website Into An Exciting, Music Themed Experience

A favourite project of mine was Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir. Being a music fan, I was more than happy to create a more exciting design for the client. The focus of the product experience is bookings for concerts or private events such as weddings. Here was an opportunity to transform the brand into something appealing for music lovers.

Key Areas Of Success

  • Complete redesign of the clients existing website
  • Responsive development increased traffic
  • Design fell into line with expectations of music sites
  • Built a unique page editing experience for staff
  • Helped with hosting and server set-up

Improved UX For Choir Activities

I was delighted to work with User Experience Designer Sara Watkins on the journey maps, testing and prototypes. I could also advise on what we could build within the client’s budget. Projects are often cost sensitive, so your job is to work harder on the experience aspect and save on coding.

After research with the client’s audience, I designed a suitable UI and built a staging site for testing. At this time I felt Drupal was the best option for building a more tailored editing experience for staff. We also discussed with the client their preferred option. WordPress was also considered.

Increasing Website Traffic and Engagement

The client at last had a website they were proud to promote. People could now browse concert dates and choir hiring options with more reassurance. The design was perfectly inline with competitors and I was very happy to be involved with a music themed project.

With any digital product you need to get the basics right and design for emotion. A simple design that works specifically for your audience. The backend also needs to bullet proof and easy for staff to edit and update.

Project Info

  • Client: Soul Sanctuary Gospel Choir
  • Role: Lead Designer/Developer
  • Active: 2016-2018