Case study: Time to Change

Improved user engagement with extensive front-end development since 2010.

Time to Change

I managed and maintained the Time to Change website (run by Rethink Mental Illness and Mind) between 2010 and 2021. I provided day-to-day support and development services to the client's in-house digital team.

“Paul's a brilliant developer to work with on our Drupal site, he completes everything on time and budget and to a high standard. He's also a great, logical problem solver which has helped us work through competing demands and decisions both internally and externally at Time to Change.”

Rebecca Peters, Product Manager, Time to Change (2014-2016)

Over a period of many years I guided the website through system or design upgrades and modifications. I've designed and built a range of bespoke Drupal modules for the client's annual Time to Talk Day campaign. I've worked with other designers and the clients advertising suppliers to implement new content features.

Key areas of work and campaigns:

  • Extensive front end development and upgrades
  • Several Time to Talk Day bespoke Drupal modules
  • Mental Health Quiz application (PHP/jQuery)
  • Drupal content management for staff

Time to Change was one of England's best known campaign charities for mental health and I had a responsible role in ensuring the website functioned at it's best for both website editors and supporters.

Project name
Time to Change
Rethink Mental Illness
My role
Lead web developer and technical support