Review of the Interaction Design Foundation

The Interaction Design Foundation are a unique UX design educator, covering a breadth of topics.

Whether you’re just starting out in your UX career or are more experienced, needing to refresh your skills. Technology is constantly evolving, so our knowledge needs a regular top up.

All the building blocks of UX design, are covered in great detail with a mix of video and reading content. I particularly enjoyed the accessibility course, which is invaluable for both designers and developers. Each lesson also provides an open discussion forum with other students.

Plus there are opportunities to connect or meet-up with people in your local area.

IxDF Go Further With Science Based Learning

While IxDF learning is primarily focused on digital product design, such as websites or apps, you will also gain a wider understanding of the psychological aspects of human behaviour. What makes people tick, how the brain operates when interacting with devices and computer systems.

I took the plunge with the more advanced Brain and Technology course. Not only did I learn how to improve my design skills, I also learned a great deal about the human condition. From a higher, societal level. Why I respond and feel the way I do when interacting with the world. How communities behave and how different we are from machines.

Learn In Different Ways For Practical Benefits

Each lesson has a set of questions, based on what you have been taught. You should strive to get the answers right, because points count towards your final course certificate. Get over 90% and you get a more prestigious distinction. Sometimes you will be set a practical task, which is useful to do because you only really learn by experience, by actually creating something.

All the IxDF tutors are seasoned professionals from the world of design. They are particularly personable and inspiring without making you feel pressured. The video lessons are well documented with visual slides, are subtitled and there’s a transcription too. The tutors also add a human aspect to their presentations, sharing personal experiences and reality checks.

Quality And Quantity Exceeds Membership Value

Outside of your main course material you can take standalone UX Master Classes, at a significant discount if you are a member. These are usually a live webinar stream via Zoom that lasts about an hour. I particularly enjoyed Alan Dix on Harnessing Creativity. Once again, many of the behaviours and techniques taught can be applied to other areas of life, not just design.

The value in the quality and quantity of UX learning material available at IxDF easily exceeds the entry level membership fee. You have access to all the design courses at your own leisure. As a member you learn at your own pace, without having to pay for individual courses. If you want to take your learning to an even higher level you can enrol in a UX Bootcamp.

Invaluable Resource For Careers In UX Design

Designers always face barriers when working out in the field. There are issues with stakeholder pressure or office politics. The Interaction Design Foundation equips you with a solid framework on which to build your career. You will feel more confident convincing colleagues that products are more successful when they are usable and accessible. IxDF helps you learn UX design from a social and ethical standpoint. Based on proven research, scientific evidence and expertise.

Ready to be immersed in everything UX? As an IxDF member I can offer a couple of months free membership or a bootcamp discount.