Case study: Unite-Diagnose-SaveLives

Developed petition application for "Unite Diagnose Save Lives" campaign.

Pancreatic Cancer UK

In 2019 I designed and developed a Drupal website for Pancreatic Cancer UK's campaign "Unite-Diagnose-SaveLives". The visitor signs a petition and is presented with a donation page that interfaces with the clients payment gateway.

In the backend I built a data management system for sign-ups and content editing. The design framework is focussed on small screens so a visitor can quickly contribute to the campaign and see clear options for further engagement.

My key role in the project:

  • User experience design for a digital sign-up
  • Website development for secure user data capture
  • Technical support for website hosting

The site was launched in Spring 2019 and I received positive feedback for it's performance with around 60,000 visitors signing the pledge. I have since developed a further petition application with Drupal for the client's successful Demand Survival Now campaign.

Project name
Pancreatic Cancer UK
My role
Web Developer and Designer