Case study: Ability Bow

Designer, website manager and digital support consultant.

Ability Bow

Since 2010 I've been maintaining the Ability Bow website, an organisation that provides fitness training for people with disabilities and serious health conditions. I lead the front end design and Drupal build, regular making improvements and upgrades to the site.

I also provide some training and support for editors and more general day-to-day advise on aspects of both content and design.

Key areas of work and support:

  • Developed a members website for gym staff
  • Designed and helped set-up email campaigns
  • Built a Home Exercise video portal
  • Managed several website upgrades

Ability Bow are a valuable resource for it's members and so it's my role to ensure that the website is accessible, user friendly and reliable.

Ability Bow
My role
Lead Web Developer & Technical Support